I think the tower I get my signal from is frozen over in this severe cold snap we’re having so here’s hoping this gets through. I’ll keep it short with mostly just photos so there’s less content to send–but, as my sister recently coined a saying: A photo is worth a thousand words.

Every year thousands of Alaskans are faced with whether or not they should stay the winter. Many make a yearly fact checking (to see if the sun still warms the earth) pilgrimage to Hawaii or Florida–some stay in the latter state permanently, as my sister did. And there’s a reason why there are only seven people in my neck of the wilderness now who stay the year around. It’s mostly summer folks these days.

The above picture explains why that is. That’s freezing spray from northerly hurricane force winds pile-driving waves twenty to thirty feet into the air over the rocks at the entrance to our little bight.

While I was courting frostbite to take that photo, my sister was lying on a beach in Miami and smugly, with gloating aforethought, took this picture of her road bike.


Hmmm. What was that question again? To snowbird or not to snowbird…? ​


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