My second youngest brother Robin, who makes my Internet access possible, works at the shipyard in Ketchikan and he sent me the following photos of the kind of snowfall they’re dealing with as they do their best to keep up with the ships they have to work on. Above is the M/V Kennicot, one of ferries in the Marine Highway System fleet that caters to coastal living Alaskans, and keeps Southeast Alaskans connected.


​A mountain of snow at the shipyard with snow-covered mountains in the background. The snow-covered mountain is across Tongass Narrows on the island where Ketchikan International Airport is located. Below is a photo of what the jets looked like when Robin went to see off a friend. He had to cross on a ferry to get to the airport.


​Below is the view from Robin’s front steps. Time to go to work…yay!

Thanks for the photos, Robin!

He said that he’s hoping to come out here on Memorial Day for a visit, which we’re looking forward to…barring weather complications. I plan on interviewing him and sharing the results on here, so stay tuned for more on the shipyard.



3/19/2017 03:16:22 pm

I love your blog! I realize this is a really boring comment but I simply love the writing, photos and your interesting life. I know it’s not easy to blog from there, but it’s lovely that you do.


Tara (ADOW)

3/19/2017 03:30:36 pm

Thank you, Blake. I’d love to hear where you’re from and how you found my blog. At any rate, it’s great to know that people I’ve never met are enjoying it.



3/20/2017 11:14:03 am

Love the photos! To me it is a winter wonderland, because we never see snow and it would be a novelty to do so.


Tara (ADOW)

3/20/2017 12:01:46 pm

Hi, Wendy. I’m glad the snowy pictures have given you a break from all that Caribbean sunshine! Please send a little of that our way. 🙂

The photos are good, aren’t they? I think Robin could have had a nice career as a photographer.

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