Blog Silence…Not By Choice!

Blog Silence...Not By Choice!

We’re having signal problems here, and with a recent snowfall may have more. I get my Internet signal from a single telecom tower up on a mountain, and deep snow often interferes with it. This is just to warn everyone that during these winter months I may not be able to post as often as I have in the past. The app my blog is on hates my poor signal normally–I usually have to post up to four times before it will go through intact–but now it simply refuses to comply. I’m going to keep trying to post this with a single photograph and hope that it eventually goes through.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying the last moments of 2015, and that you’re all keeping safe and warm.

Megan Duncansonlink

12/28/2015 06:12:35 am

What a pain!! Stupid snow šŸ™ šŸ™ Gotta say…I’m kinda liking my 80+ degree weather looking at this picture, muahahahaha (evil cackle).



12/28/2015 09:43:15 am

I’m glad you’re in Florida. Last time you lived here Alaska punished you–and all the rest of us–with the largest snowfall any of us had ever seen.

Hopefully this posts. I have one flickering bar and no 4G. if it goes through I’ll be amazed.



12/29/2015 09:15:55 pm

During Katrina, New Orleans lost its cell towers. Same thing happened to me, when my local tower got removed by a new building’s owner. I had to buy a new phone, but lucky for me it used a different tower. I hear birds don’t care for towers either, but you can’t have everything; they’re said to be a bird traffic-hazard.

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