If A Tree Falls In The Forest….

 My signal is being uncooperative, so this will be a short entry. I thought people would like to see the results of our winter storms. At the height of one of our worst storms of the winter, with winds in excess of 100 mph, I heard in the middle of the night the tremendous gunshot crack of a tree breaking. It was followed all night long by the sounds of other trees going down. When my dad and I went and pumped the water I stood on a hil and did a slow 180 and saw raw, broken wood of wind broken trees everywhere I looked.

But what caught our attention the most, and that of my cat Katya, was the enormous spruce tree that had broken and fallen across our sawdust trail that leads to the waterline, dam and pump. When it fell it took out another tree, uprooting it, and delimbed every other tree in the process. Katya was highly disturbed by this change in her area and kept looking at it and then meowing at me and when I didn’t take her advice and immediately remove the blockage from her path she went and sat with her back to me, staring at the fallen trees, to show her displeasure.


2/13/2016 11:48:39 am

Typical cat! It’s all your fault. She’s a big beauty, isn’t she?



2/13/2016 12:32:55 pm

She is that! She’s at least part Maine coon, so that explains her size and her desires to go on walks with me, like a dog. But the bossiness and certainty that the world revolves around her sense of what’s fitting is pure cat! Tara



2/13/2016 02:42:17 pm

I wondered if she might be Maine coon — although that’s the opposite side of the continent — but, yes, it explains her size and her willingness to go for walks. My guy is just big because he equates cat food with love — he doesn’t have to go foraging for it because I provide it so that must mean I love him. (I do, too.)


2/13/2016 03:28:52 pm


That is so sad! It breaks my heart to see healthy, beautiful trees downed like that. Mother Nature can be very harsh, but I guess it’s all part of God’s Plan.

Your cat is beautiful! Definitely showing you she is NOT amused! My calico (not purebred, just has that coloring) who is VERY pregnant and looks like she is going to explode any minute now, looks a lot like Katya, she just doesn’t have as much dark coloring. I got both her sisters spayed last month, but waited too long for “Sweetest Face in the World”.

Her sister Callie, was pg too, but still not showing, so I didn’t really know for sure until after the surgery. She had two Babies, but they wouldn’t have been viable. By the time I could get SFITW done, the babies would be very viable, and I don’t know what the vet would have done with them, or even if he would have done the surgery at all.

Thank you for your post and for the pictures.




2/13/2016 03:56:24 pm

Thank you, Irene, for your comment. I hope your calico has a safe pregnancy and delivers a nice litter! My mom wrote you a letter, but it will depend on the weather if it gets off this Wednesday or not. Tara (Sorry to be so brief, my signal is pain today.)



2/13/2016 03:35:12 pm

PS… I was just looking at the pictures again, and it looks like a mad giant with a chainsaw went through there and cut off all the neighboring limbs!


tara neilson

2/13/2016 03:58:37 pm

The entire forest looks like that after the big storm. So many trees fell, and even the ones that didn’t lost a lot of limbs. We had to move a lot of them off the trail and waterline and dam. No major damage, though. Tara



2/25/2016 05:02:20 pm

Wow can’t imagine the wind it took to snap those trees Yikes. Your pictures of the Alaskan landscape are always so interesting to me. The forest still has a peaceful look about it even with the storm damage.

Your cat seems to have made herself supervisor of all your projects. She’s came a long way since her humble beginning of being dumped from a boat. If only we all had her confidence. What a girl.



2/25/2016 07:53:51 pm

Thanks for reading, Anya. It was a pretty terrific blow. I can’t remember if we’ve ever had one as bad–and I was very glad I wasn’t in the woods when these came down.

Yes, Katya is the mistress of all she surveys and lets me know this at every opportunity. She does have some abandonment issues, still, but overall she’s pretty jaunty about things, and I’m glad.


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2/26/2017 10:37:41 pm


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