GUEST BLOG: Katya, The Verminator

Katya taking seriously a very serious job

​I’m sure you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up these days. There’s a supermoon with super high, nineteen foot tides, so I’m taking advantage of my new walk system to shore to be out there at night making sure the vermin don’t stage a coup in these parts. I hear squeakings all the time to that effect. My main fear is that the martin, mink, and otters won’t keep up their side and the vermin will run amok and reach plague proportions.

Can you find the camouflaged verminator?

​My person is out there working on log projects all day, and sometimes at night, taking advantage of the full moon. I don’t think she appreciates, however, that there shouldn’t be any slacking during a supermoon. I make it a point to wake her all throughout the a.m. hours, encouraging her to get out there with me and keep the vermine hordes at bay. She yells at me. Obviously, I need to put more work into her upbringing.

There she is!

​Of course, as hardworking as I am, I also require that my hot water bottle be filled for those times when I have to re-charge my verminator batteries. I let her know, quite loudly sometimes, in the middle of the night, when this is necessary. On the plus side, I’ve, after much hard work,  trained her to tuck me under the blankets of my of my own bed on those colder nights. I have hopes that eventually she’ll be a fully trained, fully functional verminator assistant.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. Happy supermoon to you all (except the vermin)!



otto the otter

12/16/2017 12:27:49 pm

Great to see you here again, Katya! Although we’ll try to help keep the vermin population down, remember that some otters are absolutely crazy and not to be trusted. Watch your back, sweetie.



12/16/2017 06:59:19 pm

“Some otters are absolutely crazy and not to be trusted.” How did you know I had a T-shirt that says that?


Nikko, the St. Nicholas cat

12/16/2017 06:31:25 pm

These humans! I have trained mine to sleep on the very edge of our bed on the coldest nights, so that I can stay warm in the middle. I do not care for water, bottled and heated or otherwise, but my two make pretty good bed warmers. I am trying to teach the dog not to snore, but who can teach old dogs?



12/16/2017 07:00:59 pm

“But who can teach old dogs?” It’s funny, but I have that T-shirt, too!

P.S. My person says to say hi to your person, C., and tell her she misses her, and hopes all is well.



12/17/2017 02:40:24 am

She thinks of you often. She was ridiculously excited a week ago when cold, wet white stuff fell from the sky, blanketing the earth so thickly that I should have been suffocated had I been foolish enough to venture into it. The stupid dog did, but what can you expect from a dog?



12/22/2017 12:54:41 pm

The white stuff. Ick. I try to avoid that, but my person loves to spend hours at a time out there mucking around with it and shovel. To each their own, I guess.

She says to tell your person that she hopes you’re well and enjoying the good life!



12/18/2017 05:31:59 am

Ha! My dogs are covered up with beach towels the moment it goes below 70 at night. We went down to 66 for a few days last week and when I opened the door in the morning they stepped back and looked quite perplexed! I was hoping for a cold front for Christmas, but no…..84 degrees is forecast. I am so disappointed!


Tara (ADOW)

12/22/2017 12:56:17 pm

We’re right at freezing here and I can’t get my wood stove to produce any heat. Typing is a pretty stiff-fingered business. Katya is cuddled up to her hot water bottle under a blanket purring her head off. She has got me trained pretty well! I wish it was the other way around.

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