ALASKA BEACHOMBER: Oh, The Place You Will See!

I can give you what it’s like to live remotely in a floathouse in an isolated dot on the wilderness map, but there is so much more to my part of Alaska I want to share.
     So I thought I’d introduce you to Alaska Beachcomber. She grew up in Juneau, Alaska’s capitol, and comes from generations of Alaskans. She now lives aboard a boat, a 60 ft aluminum cruiser, which gives her much more mobility than I have. She and her sweetie, as she calls him, winter over in the picturesque town of Wrangell where she sells handcrafted Alaskan items. (More about that in later blog posts.) In the summer they travel this section of the Inside Passage. She has the opportunity to take you to the hardy, small communities situated between wilderness and water throughout this area.
     And that is exactly what she does with amazing photos, humor and a deep appreciation for Alaska’s bounty in her wonderful blog found at
     Below are some excerpts, used with her permission. I hope you will subscribe to her blog as I have done–between the two of us we can give you a pretty rounded idea of what life in rural Southeast Alaska is like.


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